To explain self-consistently some energetic processes, radiation features, and electromagnetic environment near the Io satellite, moving in the Jovian magnetospheric plasma, as well as a spacecraft body, or a plasma probe, we considered by means of plasma kinetic theory the process of electromagnetic interaction between moving conducting body and surrounding hot magnetized plasma described by tensor εij(ω, k). We study the fields structure in terms of low-frequency non-propagating inductive electromagnetic mode which is usually ignored. We perform the investigation of plasma dielectric properties for the frequency ranges k|| vi « ω « k|| ve, ω « Ωi,e and ω « k|| v{i} « k|| ve, ω « Ωi,e showing the importance of spatial dispersion, connected with particle thermal motion for inductive electromagnetic fields behavior. These fields are localized in the vicinity of the moving conducting body and decay in space due to collisionless energy dissipation, forming some kind of a local magnetosphere. Along with the influence the energy losses of the moving conducting body, inductive fields could be responsible for the appearance near the body of electromagnetic structures where charged particles will be effectively accelerated. The general analysis being developed here is applicable also for the cases of any artificial spacecraft body, or tethered satellite system slowly (V0 « VA, Ve) moving in the magnetized plasma of ionosphere and in a low earth orbit.