Методом статистического моделирования рассчитаны статистические характеристики неоднородных волн, распространяющихся в случайно-слоистой среде. Показано, что вблизи границы раздела существуют резонансные реализации поля, которые формируют среднее.

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Statistical properties of inhomogeneous waves
Popov G.V.
Yaroshchuk I.O.

Statistical properties of inhomogeneous waves propagating in a randomly layered medium are simulated. It is shown that field instances can resonate near the interface and give shape to the averaged field.

The problem of the field of a point source located near the interface between a homogeneous and a randomly layered medium is of considerable scientific and practical interest because of the possibility of localizing the field and channelling the field energy even in the case when the medium is on average homogeneous. Statistical simulation allows one to investigate this problem in detail without resorting to approximations.